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KISS Kruise Night 2 10-15-2011 Guitar Picks

KISS Kruise Night 2 10-15-2011 Guitar Picks

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Set of 4

Set of 4 picks from KISS Kruise night 2

Sold as a set or separately! VERY LIMITED SUPPLY!!!!

These are the exact same Guitar Picks used and thrown by the members of KISS on the road! We get a limited supply of almost every different Guitar Pick for our store. There are approximately 200 of each Guitar Pick kept aside for us by the KISS Road Crew.

On our website the cost of shipping is the same if you buy anywhere between 1 to 100 Guitar Picks (or even more). is the ONLY Licensed and Authorized Guitar Pick Dealer in the world and we have the best and most complete selection of KISS Guitar Picks!

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